It is now widely recognized that adding a doula to one’s birth team can yield many positive benefits. And a quality birth class is the perfect way to prepare for your amazing BIRTHday!  

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Birth Classes

I began my work with families as a doula in 2012, but what a really love, is teaching! I love imparting knowledge that has the power to change lives. I love watching the lightbulbs beam and couples connect. I love knowing that these folks I’m talking to are preparing as a team for an amazing birth.

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Doula Care

Walking thru the birthing experience is like a hiker on a journey; an expedition leader, exploring a great unknown. A doula, like a Sherpa for birth.

When I became a doula, I realized I could change the lives of the individual families I encountered. When I became an educator, I discovered my reach could extend even further. When I began training doulas and educators, I determined I could change the world.

Plan For Your Amazing Birth

"Having a doula provided clarity for our journey. It wasn’t until labor began that I realized how beneficial it was to have a doula. I am so thankful for having Jennifer there, her presence (and hard work) had such a large impact on the birth, and I would recommend a doula for anybody who is going to have a baby."

Whether you are looking to prepare for the arrival of your little one or start your amazing career in birth work, you’ve come to the right place! I am a lover or learning, a pursuer of adventure, and a firm believer in the power of grit!

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