The Hormones Of Labor

Why you might want to discuss with your provider, if waiting is an option when planning your cesarean birth.

Should I Hire A Doula?

doulas at birth

Doulas are an investment. As with any investment, it’s good to know what you are paying for. What do you get when you hire a doula?

Say What You Mean

Have you heard phrases like, “my doctor is letting me” or “I had to do xyz”? How we speak, how we interpret, how we view birth matters. It truly makes a difference for people around us and for future generations.

About Us

Connect with An Amazing Doula or Educator Today! Childbirth Educators Doulas BBC Directory About What is a childbirth educator?  Absolutely anyone can be a childbirth educator! Your birth educator might be a registered nurse or a former high school English teacher, they might be a stay-at-home-parent working a side hustle, and they might be a […]

Register For Class

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Modern preparation for the modern couple. Learn the nuts and bolts of labor and prepare for your baby with Birth Boot Camp.

Help! My Baby Is Breech!

While the majority of American women find themselves birthing with obstetric care, you find yourself interested in finding an alternative to the medical model of care for your birth.
Here we will explore what the midwifery model of care is, what makes a midwife qualified to attend birth!

What Others Are Saying

As a birth doula and chiropractor myself, my husband and I still took Jennifer Valencia’s Birth Boot Camp and completely understood all interventions and devised our plan A (home birth), our plan B (hospital transfer for support) and our plan C (cesarean) if needed.