So you want to be a doula?

Birth Boot Camp DOULAS are trained to  understand and respect physiologically normal birth and are able to use this information to provide superior support through any birth.

Turn Your Passion Into A Paycheck

Do you love talking about birth and babies? Are you passionate about educating families? Turn your passion into your career! Become a doula or a childbirth educator, and be equipped to support new families through their amazing transition into parenthood.

Birth Boot Camp Instructors teach a comprehensive and modern curriculum.  

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Why BBC?

With Birth Boot Camp Training & Certification you’ll establish your expert voice alongside passionate educators, healthcare professionals, and parents. You’ll receive continued support and mentorship, leaving training invigorated and ready to launch your business. Our path to certification provides the most flexibility while keeping you on track for certification! Our program is often completed in 4-6 months; you can be certified in as little as 10 weeks, but I recommend spending about 9 months with our program.
Begin training immediately and set your pace with your selected workshop!

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Begin Your Studies

With Birth Boot Camp your expert voice is gained prior to your in person workshop. All trainees are on the same page at the workshop because they have completed ample coursework beforehand.

Mentorship & Support

With Birth Boot Camp certification, professional support extends beyond our workshop. I want you to succeed in your business and I make that my number one priority.

One Stop Shop

Birth Boot Camp certification includes your childbirth education, lactation training, and business support. The only additional expenses are your books and films for coursework completion.

Professional Materials

No staplers, no copy machines, no need to reinvent the wheel.
For your clients we have beautifully designed and professionally printed workbooks, handouts, etc. Birth Boot Camp online classes are professionally filmed and edited with closed-captioning!

Doula Workshop

Your workshop is the icing on the cake! For doulas, registration deadline is 6 weeks prior to your selected in-person workshop. For instructors, 8 weeks. This means your can be certified in as little as 10 weeks! On average, people will complete our program in 4-6 months.  

For Instructors

Birth Boot Camp taglines promote “amazing birth” and “amazing support” for births. At the root of our philosophy is that the majority of women can birth their babies vaginally and without medication. Does your philosophy and attitude towards birth align with that of Birth Boot Camp?