Say What You Mean

Have you heard phrases like, “my doctor is letting me” or “I had to do xyz”? How we speak, how we interpret, how we view birth matters. It truly makes a difference for people around us and for future generations.

Help! My Baby Is Breech!

While the majority of American women find themselves birthing with obstetric care, you find yourself interested in finding an alternative to the medical model of care for your birth.
Here we will explore what the midwifery model of care is, what makes a midwife qualified to attend birth!

My Day Was Not Measured In Centimeters

pregnancy photo

Before I was even pregnant with my third baby I imagined my perfect birth. There wasn’t a lot of detail, I would labor at home and stay at home. I desired a long early labor phase with manageable contractions and a baby born shortly before dinner time. And then, after the baby was born, we would enjoy dinner at our own family dinner table, in the comfort of our home.