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The hospital birth class from Birth Boot Camp  is specifically designed for those planning a hospital birth who want to be informed and able to navigate their birthplace. Communication, labor tools, and knowledge specific to the hospital birth experience can help you be empowered for your birth.

We recommend beginning your class series between 25 – 32 weeks.

You will learn information specific to your hospital birth experience, including:

  • Hospital Policies Which Will Likely Affect Your Birth
  • Common Tests & Procedures: GBS, Ultrasound, and Vaginal Exams and Your Birth
  • Your Birth Plan: A Communication Tool
  • Due Dates: When, Why & How Induction Works
  • Getting Started: Pre and Early Labor  
  • Getting Serious: Active Labor and Transition
  • What Do Contractions Feel Like? 
  • Epidurals & Endorphins: From Stirrups to natural birth and how we got here
  • Common Sense Tips for Reducing Pain
  • Doulas:  Everything You Need to Know
  • Relaxation: Releasing Tension During Labor & Pregnancy
  • Top 10 Tools for Dad
  • The Importance of Communication: Learning to Talk and Listen in Labor
  • Pushing: How You and Your Baby Work Together
  • Special Considerations
  • Third Stage: Delivery of the Placenta
  • Reasons for a Cesarean: Making it a Good Experience
  • Variations of Labor: Handling Situations that May Arise
  • Your Birth Plan: A Communication Tool
  • Newborn Procedures: Creating a Postpartum Plan
Online Hospital Birth Class
Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth

Birthing in the hospital? This class is for you! Our hospital class is designed for the couple who wants more than a typical class. More education. More fun. More relaxation and labor practice. More information on interventions, including medicated and cesarean births. This class give you the ability to make informed decisions as your birth unfolds.


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